Shipping of Bundle tools

How-To Guide

Since Bundle tools are shipped internationally, calculation of freight and import duties is not simple. Below is a how-to guide for ordering from the VIA shop in SA and have shipping included on the invoice.

1. Visit You will require a user account in order to buy tools. If you do not have one, create one now by using the Sign up link. If you do have one, you can just sign in.


2. Bundle tools are not available for everyone to purchase, your account needs to be granted permission. Once you are logged in, see if you can see the  Soil Moisture Management Tools link in the products menu once you expanded the products menu by clicking on it:

3. If you can see the link, skip to step 4. If you are unable to see the link, please use the Contact Us link in the menu to send us a message.

4. Go to the Soil Moisture Management Tools link in the menu, where you can then view items you plan on purchasing by clicking on the image.

5. You can add any of these products to your cart by using the button on the product page.

6. If you want to buy Full-Stop Wetting Front Detectors, EC Meters or Nitrate Test strips, those can be found in the Soil Nutrient Management Tools link in the side menu.

7. Once you have all the items you want in your cart, you can click the Checkout button found at the top right corner of the page 

8. Your shopping cart should include everything you plan on buying. If anything is missing you can still go and add it. Once you are satisfied with the contents of your cart, you can proceed to the Check Out button at the bottom of the page. You will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions of sale by clicking in the box. The Terms and Conditions can be viewed by clicking on the words. You can now click the Check Out button.

9. You should now see the customer information page. Please ensure that all information is correct. If everything is in order, click on the button named Continue to shipping method at the bottom of the page.

10. On the Shipping Method page, please select the option called Add shipping after order confirmation, then click the Continue to payment method button.

11. On the Payment method page, please select Confirm order for shipping quotation option, make sure the billing address is correct, and then click on the Complete order button.

12. You should now see a page similar to below. Please do not pay for anything at this stage! The shipping still has to be added to the total.

13. We will now be notified of your order and get a few quotations for shipping your products to you as quickly and cheaply as possible. This could take a few days.

14. Once we have secured shipping for your order, you will receive an email on the address you registered with an updated invoice that now includes shipping. You can click on the Complete your purchase button when you are ready to make payment.

15. In the payment method category, please select Electronic Funds Transfer, make sure the billing address is correct and complete the order by clicking the button.

16. You can now make payment to the bank details shown on the screen and send the proof of payment to