The VIA operates at two levels; Entry and Advanced.

Entry level

The entry-level tools are designed to be simple and affordable and are read manually.

The Chameleon Card is a credit card sized reader that measures individual Chameleon Soil Water Sensors and displays the moisture level using a colour LED.

The FullStop combined with Nitrate Test-Strips and the Chameleon EC meter allows nitrate and salt to be monitored.

The entry levels tools are available to anyone who wants to be part of the VIA beta test program.

Advanced level

The advanced-level tools include a Chameleon Wi-Fi Reader and Sensor Array that uploads data to the VIA online platform. Salt and

Nitrate data can also be entered onto the VIA platform, where data is visualised as colour patterns.

The advanced-level tools require support from the VIA team and are available only after contacting the VIA team at Contact Us